When I began photographing seniors, I met so many interesting and dedicated kids.  

Athletes of all kinds, dancers, equestrians, and musicians.  

And they all wanted to have portraits to show that side of themselves, with their friends and teammates.  

I began working to create photographic portraits of teams and groups that transcend the standard team photo.  

As this body of work began to grow, the portraits took on a very special meaning to me as an artist.  

More importantly, I saw how much the images meant to these kids who have spent countless hours 

working, sweating and bonding with their teammates.  

Not to mention their parents and the hours they logged on the sidelines or in the bleachers!

That led me to create this
program for teams and groups,
and it's become some of my
favorite portraits to shoot!  
All portraits are shot on location
at a mutually agreed upon venue,
with a minimum of 5 participants.  
There is no charge
for the session,
but there must be a commitment
to purchase at least
FIVE small posters.  
All posters are custom designed
(often incorporating team colors)
and include a group portrait
as well as one individual image
of each member of the group.
Finished posters are printed
on metallic paper for
a finish that's rich and luxurious.
Small Poster 
10"x15" mounted on artboard       $ 75 each
more than 10 posters                     $ 50 each
Medium Poster
16x20 mounted on artboard           $125 each 
more than 10 posters                      $ 85 each
Large Poster
20x24 mounted on artboard            $175 each
more than 10 posters                      $125 each